Lately, I’ve been really motivated to write again.

It must be all these Performance tasks and projects I’m forced to do at school. Currently, I’m a Grade 11 HUMSS strand student, and I’m just about to finish my first semester out of two for the year. Frankly, it’s exciting.

But still, it kinda got me to think.

Last year, I decided I didn’t just want to be a writer, I also want to be a psychologist. I was very interested in understanding how the human mind works. I’m also interested in helping people through understanding their mental disorders and therapy. I thought I could be a writer/author/scriptwriter.

However, recently, I’ve rekindled my love for writing once again. A bunch of times in five months alone I was forced to write a bunch of scripts and essays. In a way, it made me get back in touch with the part of me that still wants to be a writer.

So, currently, I’m trying to actually finish writing a novel this time. I’ve also been writing a script for a possible sitcom. I don’t know if any of them are ever going to get published, but I’m making this my warm-up. I have friends and family to give emotional support and a steady education. I should be fine.

I’m really excited though. If I actually get them published, a part of my dream will already be fulfilled. I can’t mess this up.

The Problem is Hunger

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here! Hello. I’ve always said I liked to express my thoughts and ideas and the best way for me to do that is by writing them down. So I heard about 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – AKA the Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals – in Social Studies class and I wanted to focus on one of the 17, mainly the 2nd goal, “Zero Hunger”, in which “the food and agriculture sector offers key solutions for development, and is central for hunger and poverty eradication.”

“Why that?” “Why not the first goal?” “Why not others?” I personally have strong feelings about starving people, malnutrition, and basically the topic in general.

For one, I’m always hungry and can’t go without eating every 20 minutes (loljk). I also read that “agriculture is the single largest employer in the world, providing livelihoods for 40 per cent of today’s global population. It is the largest source of income and jobs for poor rural households”. So basically, food really is a common supply and demand. Globally, 1 in 9 people are undernourished, and that poor nutrition causes 45% of deaths in children under 5 years old each year. That’s like, 3 million+ kids! Poverty is the worst problem, but I’m only capable of focusing on a small portion of that at the moment, and it is something I am passionate to talk about.

On the streets, I pray for children that have to work for money. I grieve for the people that have to beg for food, probably near death if no one even gives them a glance. I don’t just think about the hardships of the impoverished, but I also think of how close they are to despair if they are incapable of living long enough to find a bit of hope.

So I try to help these kids out. My family influenced me to care enough. Whenever we have leftovers after going out, like in McDonalds’ or something, we take them and give it to the kids we see outside the restaurant, and regardless whether they say thank you or not, we always feel good about it. I always volunteer to be the one to give them the paper or plastic bags containing the food and drinks we reserved for them. Sometimes I stay a while just so I could have a look at their happy faces as they eat what we gave them with their friends and family (not to sound like a stalker, but it’s really refreshing to watch).

“Why do you do it?” It feels great. Knowing that I helped someone out, it doesn’t only make my family and I feel good, but it reassures us knowing we helped some people out. We make people happy. We probably save lives, and knowing that is more than satisfying. An action as little as this is big enough to give happiness to those who are in need of it, and instills the hope they need to keep on going and know that there are people out there that are willing to help them. It may not be as big as feeding an entire country, but hey. We’re still doing something, and we’re still doing it.

Sure, it can get tough. Sometimes, we don’t always have leftovers. There are times wherein we’d buy more than leftovers for the starving people outside, but then when we don’t do that, they would just stare at us and make us feel guilty. One downfall is that if we’ve been to the same area twice, they would expect us to give them food, just as we did before. But when we don’t, they’d just feel sad. And it’s guilt-tripping for sure, but we can’t really do anything about it if we don’t always have the money. This is only a thing we do when we have the extra money, and these days, we rarely have that anymore.

And the thing is, there’s no way for us to get over these problems. It’s not become a big deal for us anymore. We just continue to do what we do when we can and when we want to. I wait for the day wherein I am able to earn enough money to buy for the poor people this time, and I’ll be able to feed a city full of the impoverished, if I have to. That’s only a dream of mine, but who knows if it can come true, as long as I keep working hard enough.

“Will you continue to do this, though?” I do believe I will. I love what I do. It’s a small action, but I know every motion counts. There should be big scale actions to actually solve the goal to Zero Hunger, yes, but I believe my part is good enough contribution until that day. I do hope it gets solved. Maybe one day, everyone in the world will have the same problem I have! (hahaha)

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day! ^_^

-Emily Baculinao

Severely malnourished Rwandan refugee children wait March 28 for food within a makeshift camp some 2..

Severely malnourished Rwandan refugee children wait March 28 for food within a makeshift camp some 25 miles south of Kisangani.


This breaks my heart to know that a child is willing to eat scraps from the floor just to stay alive 😥


The people all want a piece of the food that’s being given to them. This is what hunger can do to people: it can make them want, and it can make them need.


Why Do I Fail? (A Spoken Word Poem)

I am a student of a high-average class
and there was a time I thought I was smart
I thought I knew everything, it all came from the brain and not from the heart
I liked to read when I was a kid
All the books I had gave me knowledge
Everything I learned I kept inside
Until I made it here

But it’s so hard to keep this strength through the years
From the way things are going, for me to stay here
You must be joking
I got all these new ideas
A passing grade is not passing for me
I no longer had time to read
Textbooks, maybe, but even that gets boring

I struggled to keep up with my classmates
Seeing someone with a lower test score than me made me happy
But it shouldn’t, really
I became competitive
I’d accept challenges no matter how big, no matter how small
Over and over and over again
-But! What then…?
What was I fighting for?
I wanted to be a writer, not a scientist
Why did I focus so much on physics when I could have turned to my failed essays?
Maybe once, I did, but the failure I experienced then
It was something I couldn’t look at again

I failed, I failed, I failed, I failed
What is this life of mine anymore?
What were the real goals I have been fighting for?
I used to hear voices that cheered me on
Where have the sources of them gone now?
What did they sound like again?
What monster have I become?
To turn away from what was really important to me…

My scores are far from passing, my projects would be returned
I wish I listened to that little voice that once told me it’s okay
“It’s never okay”, I’d say
Look at where that got me now

Why do I keep failing?
I would always ask myself
But the answer was right before me
The solution plain to see
I have been corrupted in the mind
With power I never had
All those lost I’ve yet to find again

Why do I keep failing?
I’ve let go of something important
I failed at living my life, so I failed at everything else

Our National Icons

This was an entry for a writing contest in my country. The theme was about Filipino teachers in our lives (or something like that). I don’t think I won, but I would like to know how you guys think 🙂

We are a country of many talents. Through many generations, Filipinos have learned and continued to follow the path of excellence. Every day, these talents grow. Each individual has a purpose and a gift, with something to live for and live by. We have been taught of such at school, and we dwell in the realm of education and knowledge. We were taught by our teachers.

Teachers are considered our second parents, our guardians, and our supervisors. They are the reason the past and present generations are aware of so much, and why the future has been deemed substantial. A good teacher knows how to discipline his or her students; while at the same time chooses to make companions. They have proven their intelligence through their teachings, and continue to pass it down for many generations to come. A teacher is well respected, while at the same time loved and treated virtuous; especially in our country, where “every teacher is a Filipino teacher.” They all equally revere the country, and the sole purpose of their job is to bring up the talents of our humble Filipinos. With this, we bring up the forte of the Philippines, proudly showing our strengths and positive image of our country.

Being a teacher is more than just proving their loyalty and love. It shows that they regard our country, would verify its value, and would inform their students about such qualities. Some teachers have personal intentions that involve why they are so devoted. They would be true to their hearts, and would undoubtedly support the well being of the nation. Therefore, they are admired for their faithfulness. They show that they are models of conviction, and stewards of the homeland. But just loving it isn’t enough, for the life of a Filipino teacher isn’t an easy one.

In the Philippines, the rate of Filipino teachers applying for the job continues to decrease. Salaries these days cannot always meet the needs of a Filipino citizen. It is said that being a teacher is not a “worthy” job. With this, we lack the people that educate us. What would a world without teachers be like? Without them, we would be living in a dull, empty world with only a limited comprehension of what we need to understand. We would lack the people that inspire us, the people that encourage us, and push us to be better. Without teachers, we would have nothing.

It should be familiar that teachers are not just there to tutor us. They do much more. Within teachers alone, we see our elders of integrity, unity, and wisdom. What they have accomplished in their past is what we need to ponder in our present. What they are showing us now is what we should undertake in the future. They have shown us that if they can do, so can we. Through these Filipino teachers, we can prove that someone so simple can become a big difference; for in the hearts of Filipinos alone, that trait is displayed.

Struggles of Writing an OC Insert Story

Do you know what it’s like when you really like a cartoon, TV show, movie etc. so much that you begin to write a story about it? Did that story have your original character in it? If so, then you know my case.

I own a Penn Zero: Part-time Hero OC Insert story called I’ll Be Your Guide. Never heard of it? Watch the cartoon. Read my fic while you’re at it 😉 It has been with me since late April 2015, it was fun from the start. But when you begin to lose interest, and take part in other fandoms, everything just…blows.

Of course, I still love the fandom. Penn Zero is an awesome cartoon. But if you write an insert story, you have to catch up with every single episode, follow the exact actions and then add your OC in it… When you get the chance to watch an episode for the first time, you might start to think, “Aw, it’s too long. Won’t be getting any sleep tonight.” instead of actually enjoying. You focus on your work rather than your happiness in watching.

Is anyone getting me here?

You also have to be pestered with people telling you to update quickly. “Please, I have a life other than this.” I know not many people read my fanfic, but when there are, some people can be pretty violent. Especially when I don’t know the reviewer. Luckily, has Moderate Reviews.

Honestly, I’m not blaming anyone. If anything, I love writing more than anything. I see my fanfic as a practice for my future life as a full-time author. And yes, there are most times I enjoy writing. I want my readers to see good quality work. If you’re a reader of my fanfic and reading this right now, don’t feel too bad. This is my decision after all.

So, now, writers, here’s my advice. Think twice before you write something. If you really like that good idea in your head, make sure you really really like it, and you’ll stick to it. Or else you’d maybe end up regretting it later. And when all goes wrong, stick to reading 😉

To those who read my fanfiction, great! I’m continuing IBYG, don’t worry. To those who read all my works, get ready for more, ’cause I’ve got ideas up my sleeve :3 All I’m saying is that you can’t expect me to do things automatically. And for all those who feel the same way, don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel 🙂

Do You?


By: Beelieve

I appeared in your life

Without even a warning

You took me in with open arms

At first I saw you smiling

I loved to play and make fun

You loved to be around

But then the happiness had stopped

Our lives turned upside down

Every time I asked for you

You simply turned your head

We had both come to realize

You didn’t want me instead

Along came another

To whom I could adore

But then you set your eyes on them

And deemed to assume more

For every try was a fail

In return a shriek of fury

The cries would ring inside my head

But they would not come from me

Now I am cold, now I unheld

No one to be at my side

My eyes turned to the darkness

And forced myself to hide

Was I no longer needed?

My mind would start…

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by 🐝 Beelieve 🐝

Down the long, winding path
Of cobblestones and dirt
Sycamore trees and pinewood grow
Where children dare be heard

They call out to me
Entering their territory
Blocking the way out
Let us give in to their query

Where shall I begin
The quest of hide and seek
They shall remain hidden
But never make a peep

It’s all fun and games
What was I doing before?
The memories seep away
As the sorrow joins it

The sun starts to set
Halt, we cannot leave
For the loveliest lies
Have yet to be sought out

One has to tale
Of the times we had
I know you despise it here
There are no hesitations

Through this endless journey
As long as you are free
I’d gladly remain here forever
So you may continue this tourney

Do better
Be stronger
Be the person I could never be

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I haven’t been posting anything in a while, have I?

Well, it’s because I’ve been working on my Writers’ Club entries more! If some of you want to read my recent work, look for the poems and short stories written by the one named “Beelieve” here on this link: Sodality of Wordmiths

You can read the work of my other club members too! We really need some readers to support, and we have new entries every month. One theme for each month. Check it out! 🙂

I Know

There was a young boy. At such a young age, he was unpopular. He never enjoyed being with anyone. He pushed people away, and never liked people coming near him. His hobbies included staring out the window and sulking. You would say this was the kind of person no one would ever want to be with.

One day, a little girl chose to sit beside him in class. “Excuse me,” she said. “But may I borrow a pencil?”

The boy was confused, but he offered one to her without a word.

The girl came again. “Excuse me. Can I borrow your book? I forgot mine at home.” The boy did what she asked again.

Every day, the girl would ask for a new thing from him. Eventually, the boy got tired. “What do you want from me? You do know I just want to be alone, right?”

“I know. That’s why I’m making excuses to be your friend. Because I know you will eventually.”

For some reason, the boy had accepted that fact. He chose to let the girl be his friend. They weren’t exactly that close, but they talked from time to time now. They were getting older, until they met grade school. The time of youth wherein people weren’t afraid to express themselves.

Therefore, a bit of change was in order. He’d started dressing up for the part. He wore black and dark colors, shielding himself from the light and from humanity. But even still, the girl he’d often talk to would still continue to talk to him. She’d ask about his day, and he’d always give the same reason.

“Oh, you know. The usual.”

Still, she kept talking to him. She never missed a chance to ask how he was. She never stopped giving compliments, or telling him about new stuff. This both intrigued and annoyed the boy. “Why do you keep talking? I give you the same answer every day. I’m always bored to talk. You do know I’m practically not listening, right?”

“I know. That’s why I’m talking to you only. Because I know you will eventually.”

More years have passed for the two. They were a little bit closer now, but their friendship didn’t stop humanity. It was now the time when people weren’t afraid to break the rules. And because of that, the boy kept getting bullied. People hated him more. They picked on him, threw him in the garbage cans, name-called, and were just plain mean. The boy tried ignoring it all, but the outcome only lead to depression. This continued on for four years.

One day, a few nights before graduation, the boy was walking home. The bullies were following him, and decided to pull a prank. They pulled him aside and gagged him, before pushing his body onto an empty street. As if on cue, a speeding car was just about to run by. It seemed like the end for him.

But then the girl appeared. She managed to retrieve the body in the nick of time, just exactly when the car passed right on. The boy had never been so afraid in his life. The girl made sure to call the police by then.

The two were now staring up at the stars, sitting side by side together. It could’ve been a romantic moment. But the guy had questions. “Why did you save me?”

“We’re friends.”

“That’s not the point! You could’ve died too!”

“But you could’ve died first.”

“I’m nothing. No one knows me. I don’t like people. I push others away and I don’t behave well. Students curse at me, teachers call me a devil child, children and animals are scared of me, and even my own family members disown me. No one would care if I was alive.”

“I would care.”


“We’re friends.”

“Why did you save me?”

“Because I love you.”

The boy paused, a little shocked. He didn’t expect that answer. He certainly wasn’t confident with the answer he was about to bring up. “I’m sorry…I don’t like you back…”

“I know. But just being with you, being your friend is enough for me. Just stay alive, and I think everything will be fine.”

The two could only continue to sit on the ground as they stared up at the stars in silence.

Because I haven’t posted in a while XP

Choose to Be Brave

Sia was a girl who was easily loved by everyone when you first met her. But she was also a person who you would start teasing or picking on later. She was weak, as most people would say and was absolutely against violence. Because of this, people judged Sia for her fragility. She was also quite mysterious, so people wondered whatever was on her mind.

She hated it when people were fighting. Just a simple insult would make her cry. The insults, unkind words, and mean sayings were enough to drive her mad. One day, she just broke down crying. No one even bothered to ask her if she was OK. She just wanted to give up on everything right there.

Suddenly, she looked up to see someone else crying. Like her, no one was paying attention to the boy. Sia walked up to that person to ask what was wrong when he just started bawling louder. “I can’t take this anymore!” he cried. “I don’t deserve to live!”

Sia was shocked to hear his words, but also felt sad. This is exactly what violence can do to you. “It’s all right,” she reassured him. “Everything’s going to be just fine.”

And surprisingly, he believed her.

The boy was named Ted. The two became close friends soon after that. Now that they had each other to spend time with, the two friends ignored the whole world completely. And nobody paid attention to any of them either. They told each other secrets, but not all of them in general. Sia never told Ted about how she used to be someone like him before. She wanted to be strong for him.

Ted, however, was a crybaby. The fact about being scared of almost everything made him a weakling as Sia used to be. Unlike him, Sia grew stronger as she intended to. She protected Ted from everything, and was just happy to be by his side.

“Why do you stay with me?” Ted asked her one day. “I’m nothing but a nuisance. Why do you still want to be my friend?”

Sia was hurt to hear him say that. “Because you are my friend. I could never find anyone else like you.”

To this, Ted smiled gratefully.

They continued to be the best of friends until graduation. After that, it was time for Sia to move on and go to college. She’d been accepted into a famous university in Paris. On the day of her departure, the two friends hugged and shared their exchange of speeches. “Will I ever see you again?” Ted asked her as she was about to leave.

This time, Sia just chuckled. “I’ll think about needing to see you everyday.”

With that, Ted was happy.

A few months after Sia left, Ted never forgot about Sia. But it must’ve been better if he had. One day, he received a phone call telling him that Sia got run over a truck in back in France. He didn’t want to believe it, but the invitation to write a eulogy for her funeral that he received in the mail deflated his heart when he decided to accept the truth.

No one was sadder than Ted that day. As he spoke words in Sia’s honor and valuable friendship, he choked out his last words saying, “I’ll never find another friend like her.”

Weeks after that event, Ted was invited by Sia’s mother to go to her house. “She left some things for you to keep,” she explained. “You must come over to pick them up.” Ted didn’t want to refuse so he went.

Being in Sia’s room just made him feel sad all over again. As he looted through the boxes on Sia’s bed, he was surprised to find a picture of Sia on the sidewalk, crying. He went to ask her mother about it, and her shoulders slumped at it.

“Oh,” she said. “I remember someone took a picture of her one day there on the floor instead of helping her out. Poor Sia.” She told him the date of this event. Ted was shocked to find it was the same day he met Sia.

“What ever happened to her?” Ted asked.

Sia’s mother sighed. “Sia was always a victim of violence. People teased her, made fun of her, and would get annoyed about her consciousness about fighting. My Sia was just about to give up on life altogether.”

Ted seemed to be interested in the floor. He never knew Sia used to be like that. If only he had known…

“But something stopped her,” the mother continued. “One day, I found her happier than she usually is and when I asked her what happened, she told me, ‘I found a friend’. I’m thinking you’re that friend, Ted. I must thank you. You helped my daughter change. You helped her choose.”

He didn’t know what she meant at that last part, but Ted scratched his head at what Sia’s mother said. How did he help Sia? He barely did anything. It was Sia who helped him most of the time.

When she saw his look, the mother chuckled. “I mean to say that when Sia saw you, she decided that she wanted to be your friend because you reminded her of herself. And because of that, she decided to help you. Your presence made her stronger. And that was a really brave act. She chose to be your friend. And you chose to be hers.”

Her words started to make sense. Finally, Ted understood. Slowly, tears started to drop from his eyes and he quickly wiped them. “I get it now.”

He thanked her for the stuff and started to head home. He couldn’t get all this new information out of his head. On the way to his house, he passed by a playground. He was surprised to find a little girl on the swings, no one else with her, as she was quietly crying in her hands.

Ted stopped by to kneel in front of the girl. “Hey, there, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“The kids are all making fun of me!” she wailed. “They bully me and try to fight me! I don’t want to! I want to end this all!”

Ted blinked at her words and gave her a small smile. The girl was here to help him now. And he was going to do just the same.

“It’s all right. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

Choose to be brave by keeping a friend to save.