Lately, I’ve been really motivated to write again.

It must be all these Performance tasks and projects I’m forced to do at school. Currently, I’m a Grade 11 HUMSS strand student, and I’m just about to finish my first semester out of two for the year. Frankly, it’s exciting.

But still, it kinda got me to think.

Last year, I decided I didn’t just want to be a writer, I also want to be a psychologist. I was very interested in understanding how the human mind works. I’m also interested in helping people through understanding their mental disorders and therapy. I thought I could be a writer/author/scriptwriter.

However, recently, I’ve rekindled my love for writing once again. A bunch of times in five months alone I was forced to write a bunch of scripts and essays. In a way, it made me get back in touch with the part of me that still wants to be a writer.

So, currently, I’m trying to actually finish writing a novel this time. I’ve also been writing a script for a possible sitcom. I don’t know if any of them are ever going to get published, but I’m making this my warm-up. I have friends and family to give emotional support and a steady education. I should be fine.

I’m really excited though. If I actually get them published, a part of my dream will already be fulfilled. I can’t mess this up.

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