Struggles of Writing an OC Insert Story

Do you know what it’s like when you really like a cartoon, TV show, movie etc. so much that you begin to write a story about it? Did that story have your original character in it? If so, then you know my case.

I own a Penn Zero: Part-time Hero OC Insert story called I’ll Be Your Guide. Never heard of it? Watch the cartoon. Read my fic while you’re at it 😉 It has been with me since late April 2015, it was fun from the start. But when you begin to lose interest, and take part in other fandoms, everything just…blows.

Of course, I still love the fandom. Penn Zero is an awesome cartoon. But if you write an insert story, you have to catch up with every single episode, follow the exact actions and then add your OC in it… When you get the chance to watch an episode for the first time, you might start to think, “Aw, it’s too long. Won’t be getting any sleep tonight.” instead of actually enjoying. You focus on your work rather than your happiness in watching.

Is anyone getting me here?

You also have to be pestered with people telling you to update quickly. “Please, I have a life other than this.” I know not many people read my fanfic, but when there are, some people can be pretty violent. Especially when I don’t know the reviewer. Luckily, has Moderate Reviews.

Honestly, I’m not blaming anyone. If anything, I love writing more than anything. I see my fanfic as a practice for my future life as a full-time author. And yes, there are most times I enjoy writing. I want my readers to see good quality work. If you’re a reader of my fanfic and reading this right now, don’t feel too bad. This is my decision after all.

So, now, writers, here’s my advice. Think twice before you write something. If you really like that good idea in your head, make sure you really really like it, and you’ll stick to it. Or else you’d maybe end up regretting it later. And when all goes wrong, stick to reading 😉

To those who read my fanfiction, great! I’m continuing IBYG, don’t worry. To those who read all my works, get ready for more, ’cause I’ve got ideas up my sleeve :3 All I’m saying is that you can’t expect me to do things automatically. And for all those who feel the same way, don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel 🙂

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