Our National Icons

This was an entry for a writing contest in my country. The theme was about Filipino teachers in our lives (or something like that). I don’t think I won, but I would like to know how you guys think 🙂

We are a country of many talents. Through many generations, Filipinos have learned and continued to follow the path of excellence. Every day, these talents grow. Each individual has a purpose and a gift, with something to live for and live by. We have been taught of such at school, and we dwell in the realm of education and knowledge. We were taught by our teachers.

Teachers are considered our second parents, our guardians, and our supervisors. They are the reason the past and present generations are aware of so much, and why the future has been deemed substantial. A good teacher knows how to discipline his or her students; while at the same time chooses to make companions. They have proven their intelligence through their teachings, and continue to pass it down for many generations to come. A teacher is well respected, while at the same time loved and treated virtuous; especially in our country, where “every teacher is a Filipino teacher.” They all equally revere the country, and the sole purpose of their job is to bring up the talents of our humble Filipinos. With this, we bring up the forte of the Philippines, proudly showing our strengths and positive image of our country.

Being a teacher is more than just proving their loyalty and love. It shows that they regard our country, would verify its value, and would inform their students about such qualities. Some teachers have personal intentions that involve why they are so devoted. They would be true to their hearts, and would undoubtedly support the well being of the nation. Therefore, they are admired for their faithfulness. They show that they are models of conviction, and stewards of the homeland. But just loving it isn’t enough, for the life of a Filipino teacher isn’t an easy one.

In the Philippines, the rate of Filipino teachers applying for the job continues to decrease. Salaries these days cannot always meet the needs of a Filipino citizen. It is said that being a teacher is not a “worthy” job. With this, we lack the people that educate us. What would a world without teachers be like? Without them, we would be living in a dull, empty world with only a limited comprehension of what we need to understand. We would lack the people that inspire us, the people that encourage us, and push us to be better. Without teachers, we would have nothing.

It should be familiar that teachers are not just there to tutor us. They do much more. Within teachers alone, we see our elders of integrity, unity, and wisdom. What they have accomplished in their past is what we need to ponder in our present. What they are showing us now is what we should undertake in the future. They have shown us that if they can do, so can we. Through these Filipino teachers, we can prove that someone so simple can become a big difference; for in the hearts of Filipinos alone, that trait is displayed.

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