by 🐝 Beelieve 🐝

Down the long, winding path
Of cobblestones and dirt
Sycamore trees and pinewood grow
Where children dare be heard

They call out to me
Entering their territory
Blocking the way out
Let us give in to their query

Where shall I begin
The quest of hide and seek
They shall remain hidden
But never make a peep

It’s all fun and games
What was I doing before?
The memories seep away
As the sorrow joins it

The sun starts to set
Halt, we cannot leave
For the loveliest lies
Have yet to be sought out

One has to tale
Of the times we had
I know you despise it here
There are no hesitations

Through this endless journey
As long as you are free
I’d gladly remain here forever
So you may continue this tourney

Do better
Be stronger
Be the person I could never be

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