Tricked and Treated

(I’ve gotten some ideas from some songs I won’t name, but either way, the story is still in my writing! Enjoy~)

There were two children that loved Halloween. A twin boy and girl. Every year, they dressed up for it. They never missed a single one. But on the day they turned twelve, they never thought they were getting too old for it, and started planning their next year’s one.

It was this year when they prepared for their grandest costume yet. They dressed up as Renaissance dolls. They looked so fake, that when they stopped moving, people thought they were statues. Which was a good break for them.

During a late hour, they decided to do their trick-or-treating on the other side of town. A neighbor told them that the shortest way to get there was through the forest. So that’s where they went.

The forest was especially dark at this time of night. But the brave, young twins ventured on. Eventually, they came across a Halloween carnival. Everyone was joyous, eating candy corn and cotton candy, riding rides, playing games; everyone was having such a great time that the twins decided to join in the fun.

They rode the Ferris Wheel, Rollercoaster, Caterpillar, Haunted Train. They played every single game booth in the carnival. They ate popcorn, chocolate, candies and goodies from all over the world. The boy twin started to wonder if they even paid for all the stuff. And eating all the treats made him remember. “Hey, sis, we should probably go back to our trick-or-treating,” he said.

“Aw, but we’re having so much fun!” the girl said. “Just one more game, please?” So, he agreed.

They didn’t end up playing a game, but watching a magician, who seemed to be portraying a clown as well. His overlapped clown smile and dark, sunken eyes gave the twins goosebumps. After his show, everyone left, except the twins. That’s because the magician called them over.

“I see you have enjoyed my show,” the Magi-Clown grinned.

“Yes, we have,” they admitted.

“Please stay and watch my circus next,”

Not only was he a magician and clown, but a ringmaster! He took the children to the deeper part of the forest where the children witnessed a real live circus. They were free to roam around, so they saw everything there: a tiger, and elephant, a bearded woman, a lion and his lion tamer, a heavily-built man, tiny men, and even acrobats. The twins did think they were too young for that, though. After the show, the girl twin thought everyone seemed weird and decided that it was time to go home.

“But this keeps getting better! Just a few more minutes?” So she agreed.

It was finally roughly a few hours before midnight. The Magi-Clow-ster met with the twins again. “Did you have fun?”

“Yes, we did,”

“It is getting late. Why don’t you two stay over at our house for the night?” The twins were so sleepy and tired, they agreed.

They walked further into the forest to find a house. Though, it was more of a giant mansion made of wood and silver. The twins thought it looked great. Inside, they saw doors everywhere, which they probably thought were the rooms of the other workers. The Magi-Clow-Ster took them to their own room. The moment they saw their big bed, they immediately fell asleep.

When the boy twin woke up the next morning…he realized morning never came. The pale moon shone down on him, the light reflecting from the window. He quickly told his sister all his worries and doubts. This time, both of them were really awake now.

They tried to escape, but they lost their way through hallways and hallways of doors. It was hard to find the exit. Finally, they came across one room that made them stop and stare. Inside, it held many, many dolls. The twins freaked out and quickly closed the door.

Unfortunately, their noise woke up the Magi-Clow-Ster. His dark eyes seemed to glow red in the dark. “Where are you going, my little dolls?” he mused. The twins tried to run but they seemed to be glued to the floor. The next thing they knew, they blacked out again.

This time, when the girl woke up, she realized she was blindfolded. She nudged her brother awake, hoping he might know something. He seemed to be blindfolded too. As they struggled, the blindfolds slowly started to loosen up, and one peeping eye each widened in horror at what they saw.

There was a blazing fireplace. Surrounding it were the dolls they had seen earlier. The twins watched as dolls were being thrown into it. They didn’t need to watch many horror movies to know what comes next.

The Magi-Clow-Ster came into view and grinned down at them. He looked like a Mad Hatter now. “Now, my dolls,” he sneered. “I have a very special surprise for you.”

He whipped out a small knife. Slowly, he started to cut a sun on the girl’s left cheek and a moon on the boy’s right. Blood trickled down their faces, in which the Magi-Clow-Ster collected. Instantly, the blood pictures dried up and became scars. “You will be remembered,” he promised.

Next, he examined their skin. He fetched a man who held a sponge with rough edges. He scrubbed their skin until they ached and glistened. The twins were in so much pain that they couldn’t feel anything anymore. “You will be flawless,” the Magi-Clow-Ster said. But as he said this, they almost felt as if their clothes were rotting up and turning to dust.

For the final touch, he held their hands. For the first time ever, the twins felt his burning fingers. It hurt them, his hot temperature squeezing their flesh. To their horror, slowly, the heat was going dimmer and dimmer until they couldn’t feel anything at all. “You will be priceless,” he grinned.

And that’s when they blacked out, with their eyes wide open.

Morning finally came after that. Back in the village the twins lived in, a new traveling shop opened up. The place became very popular, and was known for its precious dolls. The main stars were two dolls said to be very old. Their fragile clothes were dirty and almost destroyable so they could never be washed. Their porcelain skin was so delicate and cold to the touch that people were afraid that they’d break it if they did.

“Mommy, I want those two!” One little girl’s eyes twinkled when she saw them.

The man who owned the shop chuckled at her enthusiasm. “Sorry, little one,” he said. “They’re not for sale.”

As he watched her walk away with her mother sadly, the man smiled apologetically. As soon as the shop was empty, he grinned widely and looked directly into the eyes of the dolls. “See?” he said gleefully. “What did I tell you?”

Happy Halloween!! 😀

School Unity

(Warning: Some anger and foul language)

OK, this time, I’m going to write about something relatively different, because I’m just really, really, annoyed right now.

So, recently, my batch, Grade 8, was part of a cheering competition against the other batch, Grade 9. Yeah, it was just two batches. With a surprise (and a no-surprise for others), my batch won. Again. For the second time in a row. That may be impressive (or unimpressive, considering it was only a second time), but the Grade 9 students were disappointed, for they lost again for the third time in a row. They always seem to end up in second place.

“So, why are you mad?” you ask. Well, being the humble batchmates we are, we kept our cool. No matter how much they hated on us, bashed us, called us foul names, we stayed strong. El Sol Real stayed as positive as can be!

Unfortunately, that’s not why I’m mad. Because one of my batchmates posted something on a popular page on Facebook and crossed the line:

Screen shot 2014-10-24 at 6.20.12 PM

Now, isn’t that a lovely sign of sportsmanship? Not.

Comments were everywhere. Grade 9 students complained. Grade 8 students apologized. All because of one, weak-minded, boastful, stupid person, who’s so full up their *** that they didn’t stop and think about the feelings of others.

We don’t know who this b****** is yet, but when we find out, he/she’s going to be in a whole lot of trouble.

But what I want to talk about right now is what that person said. Will the Grade 9 really graduate without a championship in the cheering competitions? Come on. They’re struggling. They deserve at least one win. Sure, they’re pretty full of themselves too, but to be honest, I pity them. I think they need to win next year (but that won’t stop us from doing our best too! 😉 )

And FYI, their performance did not suck. I was intimidated! (just a little) I really thought they were gonna win. Their idea was just so awesome and cool 🙂 I don’t know what they keep missing. Although, when they sang some lyrics that involved being better than us, I have to admit, I was very angry at them 😡 But that didn’t stop me from losing control.

This b**** however, made me lose control. I know there will be some people out there who will comment things about how person was just trying to express themselves (psh) in an…improper way; or simply that he was just feeling happy (psh) at the moment. But really, I’m disappointed in him/her. They should’ve shown at least a little respect. Did he really think we pretended to mess up our entrance just for them? We had a problem with the outlet! It’s not our fault we lost that award like it was on purpose. The Nueva Fuerza won it fair and square, even if it was just a minor award.

I’m really disappointed in this person. Batch unity? How dare he/she mentions it without even having it. You can’t go around liking people like this. Until now, the Grade 9 students are annoyed. We’re really sorry, guys, for having a brainless batchmate, whatever they say totally doesn’t relate with what everyone else is saying.

I hope this person will learn one day to keep their own business to themselves. We almost lost friends because of that post. I hope the Grades 8 and 9 students will settle this soon, even if we’re already having the semestral break and we need to work this out over the Internet. But one thing I know for sure is that if we really are good friends with one another, El Sol Real and Nueva Fuerza can overcome their mishaps quickly.

Batch unity? It’s not always just about that. Sometimes you need school unity too.

Always There

There is a reason why we are alive. There is a reason why we have the strength to keep moving forward. There is a reason why we are the people we are today. And believe it or not, that reason is because of our mothers.

You may not know this, but your mother had always been there for you. She is the person who gave birth to you, who cared for you, who raised you as her own. She loves you no matter what, and all she asks for in return is our love.

Above is a picture of my mother. She loves and cares for me like every mother does. And like every other child, I love my mom, and everything she does for me. She always has time to be with me. When I need help in my schoolwork, she would always do her best to help me. Whenever I felt sad or down, she would comfort me. Whenever I needed something, she would always give it to me. There are times when I see her struggling with work. It pains me to see her struggling for the family. It shows how much she cares for us. When my mother and I fight, I hate to see her having a hard time because of me. Our mothers deserve our love, not hate. That is why I make it a habit to do everything I can to make her happy each day. Seeing her smile is enough. She has done so much for me, it’s only right if I do the same for her.

I love my mother more than anyone. Whenever I think of her, I think of all the things a mother like her has done for me in the past and will do for me in the future. If you have a hard time imagining these things with your own mother, then here’s a start:

Imagine the smile your mother gives you when she held you for the first time. Imagine her joy when she hears you say your first word. Imagine her face when she sees you take your first step. Imagine her pride when she sends you off to your first day of school. Imagine her comforting face when she sees you fall and get hurt. Imagine her funny faces and your laughter as she tries to stop your tears. Imagine her determined look when she helps you with your homework. Imagine her proud smile as she sees you get a perfect grade. Imagine her forgiving face when you accidentally break something. Imagine her comforting look as you grieve over a dead pet, Imagine her holding your hand when you feel down. Imagine her happiness when she sees you on your first day of high school. Imagine the first time she embarrasses you in front of your friends. Imagine her comforting you when you experience your first heartbreak, and think of her inspiring words to move on. Imagine her tears of pride when she sends you off to college. Imagine her joy when she hears from you after so many months. Imagine her voice by then. Imagine her happy face when she sees you home for the holidays. Imagine her brave face when she tries to hide her coughs. Imagine her bright smile when she sees you by your bedside. Imagine her weak hand strongly trying to hold onto yours. Imagine her softly whispering, “I love you”. And at that time, remember.

Mothers have always been there for us, even when we don’t notice it. They’re always there to guide us, and like the saying goes, she knows what is right. It is clear that she deserves even more than out love. She needs our attention, our compassion, our caring affection, and respect. But all she wants in return is our happiness. Our mothers are always going to be there. We need to show that we will always be there for them too.

The Girl Under the Cherry Blossoms (A Zen Story)

There was once a young girl named Ritsuki. She loved to spend her time under the cherry blossom trees that were growing in her garden. Everyday, she quietly sat under its flowers, watching them fall hour after hour, while listening to the sounds of the other children playing around her. People judged her, wondering why she just stayed under her trees, but she paid them no heed. She just spent as much time as she can in her garden. One day, a boy her age named Zensuke came to visit and walked up to her. He asked, “Ritsuki! Why do you spend your time here, when you can be outside doing what the others do?”

Ritsuki hesitated, until she saw a cherry blossom fall onto her lap. She smiled. “Everyday, a cherry blossom falls onto the ground, for it is withered and weak, unable to hold onto its branch any longer.” She pointed upwards. “But one flower on the top of the tree stays, for it knows that it is still strong enough to keep holding on, knowing that it is at its best if it stays that way. Why should I fall from my branch, when I know that I am at my strongest sitting here?”